Monday, January 9, 2012


That was a great weekend, but I am TIRED!

Saturday am, Owen and I got up bright and early, went for breakfast and then went shopping.  We got him a whole new wardrobe.  Very cool. Everything from sweater to blazers, to new shoes, belts you name it.

Took Zach to theatre class and browsed around the Forks for an hour. Rushed  home, fed the boys supper and then packed up Zach to go over to Nathan's place.  Nathan had called Zach earlier in the day to invite him over.  Listening to 2 eight year olds boys talking on the phone has got to be one of the funniest things ever.  Anyways, Zach went over and they had so much fun, Zach didn't want to come home.

Later Saturday night, Owen came back over to watch the Jet's game with Brad.  It was a later night, I didn't go to bed until 3 am or so.

Sunday morning took Logan to hockey, came home, dropped him off and then went for coffee with Shana.  Shana is an old friend of mine.  She recently had her second baby Violet with her wife Carol.  Such an amazing little family.

After coffee, I had to run to the srtore to get some thing to make cookies. Logan was having a friend over and I didn't want them playing video games the whole time.  So got the ingredients, rushed home.  Boys had fun making cookies and smoothies.  They played mini sticks in the basement and had an air hockey tournament.  Good times.

After that it was Zach's hockey.  Brad took Zach.  It was the first time all day that I had a minute to myself.  I got dinner ready for Brad and the boys.  Just as I was finishing up, Jill arrived.

My uber fantastic coworker Heather invited me to Dance Dance Party Party.  It's a Dance workout just for girls.  So much fun.  Jill is much more conservative than me, but I was so happy she came out and danced too.  It's a great little workout too!

Got home, watched Once upon a time (awesome show. love it) and then went to bed. This morning I was still so tired that I made myself and espresso before work.  Think I may need a few more.


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