Monday, January 30, 2012

Couple of Scratches

It was hard to get a good feel for the damage to the Rav last night because it was dark out when the accident happened.

Brad went out this am, and as it turns out, there are only a few scratches, which he thinks can be buffed out with some Armor All.  Whew!


Can't believe January is almost over.   One monre month of winter and then we are on the home stretch to summer.  Yes, I am fully aware that we can get big snowstorms and frigid weather in March. It's just that for me, March says Spring.  It's a mental thing.

Boys are doing really well.    Zach is making friends at school. It takes him longer than Logan, he's kind of shy like Brad is.  But he's got a good core group of buddies now Nathan, Adballah and Nick and that makes me really happy.  Logan has got his huge entourage of friends at school, but when it comes down to it, he's got his two best friend Ryan and Seth that make him happy.

Alright.... back to you regularly scheduled programming.


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