Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Basics.

Back to work. 

I honestly like being back at work. As super cheesy as it sounds, I genuinely love what I do and love the people I work with, so it was great to go back.

Had a lovely soak in the hot tub last night.  For my birthday, the boys got me a spa scene.  You see, we have a lid lifter for the hot tub.  This means, that you pull on a lever and it lifts the lid and stores it beside the tub.  Keeps the lid from getting damaged etc.  Only downside is that when in the tub you have to stare at the back of it, which is usually a very dull grey.

Spa scenes are very similar to a background that you put in the back of an aquarium for ambiance.

It's a subtle difference, but they are neat, and the boys picked it out for me.  The cool thing is that our picture has a waterfall and the picture waterfall lines up perfectly with the waterfall from our hot tub, so it's like a continuation of the waterfall which looks cool.

Brad is just finishing up the work on Zach's loft bed. Dad had made Zach one and  it's amazing, but it needed a ladder.  So on the weekend, the two of them made it.  With the routing and rounded corners, it looks SO good.  Zach loves it.  We are going to out his bed on the top bunk and the bottom area is going to become a desk/reading area.

Been having a hard time with Logan lately.  He's not himself; lot's of anger and hostility.  Not sure what's going on with him.  I asked him if things were okay or if there is anything he wants to talk about, but the answer is always no.  He has lots of friends at school/daycare and seems to reserve most of his frustrations for us, so maybe it's just a phase.  In the iterim, I'll make a wish for some patience.


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