Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping is done!

Shopping is DONE!

I hit the mall Friday night and finished up my Mother in law's gift.  Saturday we all went shopping as a family, which is a big gesture on Brad's part because he hates the mall. Hates.

Saturday afternoon was Zachary's theatre presentation. It was so great to see him in his element.  He does best if there is a big crowd to play off of.  This was a smaller production, the big play will occur in March on the mainstage. Can't wait for that!  Saturday night, Bruce and Jo came over for a visit/soak in the hot tub.    We have done more entertaining since we got this hot tub and it's awesome!!

Sunday was busy but quiet.  Took Logan to hockey and have coffee with Debbie.  I really enjoy my Sunday mornings because I get to see Logan play hockey with his friend Seth, but then have a great chat with my friend. Always awesome.    Sunday afternoon, I went to the Forks for lunch/shopping with Jill. Jill has so much on her plate right now and she just needed a break to relax and talk, so that's what we did.  Great afternoon.  I then had to rush home, pick up Zach and then took him to hockey in the afternoon.   Since it was the last practice before the holidays, then let the kids play hockey the entire practice with no drills, so Zach was happy.

Sunday night Brad and I had a great dinner, and I got some of my project finished. I can't post pictures until I give the gifts however.  They are not perfect, but hopefully the receivers will realize the thought behind the gift and overlook the flaws....

My holiday traditions include holiday tuneage....

Here we go...


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