Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last day before the holidays....

It's so warm here. Unseasonably warm.  Awesome, but kind of disturbing how warm.

Wrapped presents last night (gripping blog commentary I realise).  I used to love wrapping, but that was before they made kids toys in all sorts of bizarre shapes that make them nearly impossible to wrap without a gift bag. 

I won't do gift bags for my boys, something about ripping into the paper is half the fun of Christmas morning, so I had to get creative in a few cases, because those blister packs for Action figures are just a total b*tch to wrap.
I try to get a little creative where I can and wrap presents in unconventional things; sheets of music, newspaper comics etc.  Makes it a little more fun.  My favorite though, is wrapping paper from Gift Couture.  You can wrap a whole bunch of boxes and then it ends up looking like a cheeseburger!!

Merry Christmas!!!


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