Monday, December 5, 2011

I love Winnipeg

Winnipeg is my hometown. Born and Raised.

Depending on who you talk to, sentiment regarding our city can be as far ranging as a poster city for violent crime to one of the most generous charitable cities in the nation.

Today I had a reminder of how awesome the people in my city are.

While running for the bus home tonight, I put my phone in my pocket and made a mad dash for the bus.  Once on the bus, I realised, I no longer had my phone.  Losing your phone downtown?  What do you think the chances of actually getting it back?

I got home completely annoyed with myself.  Through Blackberry Protect, I was able to send a message to my phone.  The person who found it, Jon, called me and is going to return it to the security desk where I work tomorrow.

How incredible is that???

The thing is, it's not the first time that somethign incredible like this has happened.  A few weeks ago, I got into a car accident. Some random guy and his wife stopped to help me and my boys.  Not just help, but then give us a ride to where we needed to be.  Asked for nothing in return, just wanted to help.

Another time, my kids and I went to Assinboine park for a bike ride.  Just as we were getting set up, I realized, I had a flat tire.  My kids were small and incredibly disappointed.  What happened?  A woman, cycling by, stopped, offered to take my bike to her place (a short bike away) and I could take hers.  I could go for a bike ride and then pick up my bike at her place later.  I was shocked, this woman completely trusted me with her very fancy bike.  When we dropped it off, we included a bouquet of flowers.

It's these amazing acts of random kindness that make the city so unbeliveably great.

 Yes, I get it, it's just a phone. But in my mind, he didn't have to pick it up, he didn't have to try to find it's owner, he didn't have to agree to get it back to me, but he did.

Thanks Jon, whoever you are. You restored my faith in mankind today.


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