Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday, there I said it twice.

Well Happy Day. Actually no, completely grumpy I am going to fly off the handle at every little thing or as my children call it, Tuesday.

Logan freaked out because he hates oranges and had built an entire argument for not eating mostly surrounding the fact that he will throw up if he eats them.  He doesn't of course, but the melodrama surrounding breakfast was still there.

Logan made a comment that his oatmeal was too hot to which I had a very funny Goldilocks and three bears image in my head, but I digress.  So Zach thinking he was going to be helpful, poured some of his milk into Logan's oatmeal.  Actually I am not 100% sure if Zach was trying to help or simply trying to mitigate the barrage of whining that Logan was dishing out this morning.

Still, chaos insued.

Logan freaked out and knocked the milk out of Zach's had which then spilled all over the floor. Whomever said "No use crying over split milk" hasn't been to our house on a grumpy tuesday.

Zach apologized to Logan, saying he was trying to help, but then Logan replied with "It's NOT okay".  Zach is under the impression that apologies are an absolute state and there is no "accepting".  So that put Zach into a complete pissy mood, which of course he takes out on me. Terrific.

Then, as we were hading out the door comes the inevitable ski pant debate. Boys hate them. HATE.  Honestly, how some days can go so smoothly and others, well not so much. Some days are amazing and wonderful. Other days, it's a triumph if they are fed and clean.

It's a fed and clean goal for today.


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