Saturday, November 19, 2011

Santa makes an appearance

Today was the IG Children's Holiday party.

We prefer the morning slots because we have tons going on and most of our day is already booked up. So bright and early at 9 am, we we in line for Santa.  Zach was brave this year, got up there and asked for a few things, Lego Ninjago Wii game etc.  Logan is brave until we get there, then he dissolves into a puddle of tears.  The kid has never liked the idea of Santa's knee. So Brad got up there with him and the picture we will get will be of Brad smiling with Logan giving him a Koala hug hanging on for dear life.

Then it was off to Swimming, then Diving, then Grocery shopping, then Theatre.  Managed to pick up a few birthday presents at my favorite toy store at the Forks, so that was good.

Home now.  Owen is coming over later to watch the Jets game.  The plan is for an outdoor viewing, but we'll see how long they last.  Brad and I were out there last night in the middle of a mini blizzard and it was really wild, but the sprint to the house afterwords is slightly less than ideal.


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