Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Everyone has a routine. Even if you don't have a routine, not having a routine is your routine.

With Brad gone, our routine has been mixed up a bit, especially in the evenings. Brad is the one who makes supper and stuff, so I have been shouldering those responsibilities lately.  It's actually kind of cool, I get to flex my organization muscle.

Last night I made some lasagna and froze it.  But I set aside some of the beef/veggie mixture ( I puree veggies and mix them in with the meat.... invisible vegetables).  I am going to use that tonight to make a taco bake! OLE!

It has to be a quick supper because I have a board meeting tonight. Good thing is that the daycare will watch the boys while I am at the meeting.  It's just going to be Zach and Logan, maybe Seth and Cole as well.  So the 4 of them are good buddies, so it's like a play date for them.

No word yet on the car or approximate damages.  Hopefully someone can tell me soon.


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