Friday, November 11, 2011

Marking Marathon.

I really needed this day off.  Although, I didn't use it for anything fun.  I actually marked papers for 10 hours.  But still, it saved me because now I have the rest of the weekend to just be.

Zach did really well today. He was patient and understanding of the work I had to do. 

Logan was not thrilled with my homemade cream of celery soup for lunch, but he prevailed.

Tomorrow is go go go.

Swimming lessons, divind lessons, birthday party, flu shot appointment, theatre class....

Sunday is a little better in that all we have is hockey, Logan in the am and Zach in the afternoon.

Going to do some more knitting tonight I think. Last night I made another bag and I am going to try to make another one tonight... great little gifts to make for Christmas!


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