Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jodi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well it started out fine.

Got up and took the boys to swimming and diving lessons.  Then we were on our way to Zach's friends birthday party.  I was crossing bishop grandin and taking the yield onto river heading south.  At the base of the bridge there was black ice.  Had no control and slide right int the curb. BANG!

Everyone was fine, so then I went to look at the damage.  The car wouldn't reverse or turn the wheels at all, so it appereared that I snapped an axle or something.

Boys started to get upset because they thought they were going to miss the party and honestly, at that point, I was pretty sure they were going to as well.

Just then a guy came up and asked if I wanted some help.  His name was Colin.  His wife and two young daughters were waiting in his car. People like this are amazing. He just stopped to help a random stranger.

He called a tow truck for me and then offered us a ride.  So within 15 minutes of getting in the crash, we were on our way to the birthday party.  I think I thanked him and his wife like 30 times in the span of 10 minutes.  Definitely going to pay this one forward.

Boys got to the birthday party 15 minutes late.  Incredible considering what has just happened.

Once there, I realised that I had left the car seats in the car.  So Bryan (Logan's friend Matthew's Dad) gave me a ride back to the car. We got there just as the tow truck was hooking it up.  So I snagged the car seats and we went back to the party.

Since Brad is out of town for 10 days, I now do not have a car.  But I still have tons of things to do today. So I called my Mum.  She came and picked us up from the birthday party. From there we went for our flu shots, Zach's theatre class and then grocery shopping.  I guess you're never to old to need your Mum.

Logan has hockey this am and his best friend Seth plays with him.    Seth is the younger brother of Cole who's birthday party we were at on Saturday. So I was talking to Debbie (Seth's Mum) at the party. She offered to take Logan to hockey this am as we have no way of getting there.    When things like this happen I am so crazy grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life. Honestly - they just rock.

So this morning Debbie came and picked up Logan for hockey. My mum is going to swing by this afternoon so we can take Zach to hockey. 

Once Monday is here, I can make do with no car as I take the bus everyday.  The boys will miss 1 skating practice on Wednesday.  Next Saturday is another busy day, but Mum said we could use her car if we drop her off at work in the morning.  Brad comes home on Sunday.   Problem solved as then we will have the truck back.  Who knows, depending on the damage we may even have the car back, although that might be a lofty goal.

Did manage to get ahold of Brad.  Told him what happened. He was more concerned that we were okay than the fact we are going to have to shell out $500 for a deductible. But we'll work it out.


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