Friday, November 25, 2011

Holy Peaks and Valley's Batman!

What a week.  Went from being completely bummed/frustrated and ticked off that my car was breing written off,  and then I got the call this week, miraculously, my car is not written off. Amazing. Lots and lots of damage, but repairable even with the added fixes that the dealership found.

It will hopefully be ready some time next week. Little miracle there. Very very thankful. I won't totally relax until we get it back though.

Last night was parent teachers. What we discovered is that Logan is BORED. According to his teacher, he was having trouble writing out the alphabet in order, but what was bizarre is that he has no trouble spelling. So we sat Logan down and had him write it out. He did it perfectly with no problems. I asked why he doesn't do it at school and he said "Because it's BORING Mum!". So we are going to work with the teachers in making sure that Logan is stimulated and not getting bored with his work (too easy etc).

Zach's doing much better according to his teacher. He's finishing his work on time, his writing is improving, and he's not getting as frustrated when learning new things. Zach still has trouble making friends, but he seems to have made a few relationships, which is a positive start. We need to work on his Math skills, but for the most part, he's doing ok.

So in celebration of the car not being written off, positive parent teacher conferences and Grey Cup weekend, here are some happy gifs!

Grey Cup this weekend!



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