Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grey Cup Baby!!!!!

It was both sad and awesome.

Brad and I bundled up in what felt like every article of clothing that I owned.

At kick off it was -15C.

It was sad because it was going to be the last game in the Stadium. Yes, the new stadium will be awesome, closer to home and all that good stuff, but still.

The game was amazing. We were in control of it the whole time. 

The most movie like ending happened.  With a few seconds to go we were on the goal line.  We could have taken a knee, but we didn't.  We punched it into the end zone with the clock at 0:00.  The last play of the last game was a Bomber play and it was a touchdown in a game that go us a ticket to the Grey Cup. That's the stuff movies are made of!


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