Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Compliment Ever

I was being goofy with the kids this morning (like I am every morning).

I like to make my kids laugh.  Laughing, real laughing, that stomach hurting, cheeks aching laughing is the best.

 At our house, we find a way to laugh at everything.  Last month, when we were making dinner, Logan thought the pepper we were cutting up looked like it was singing... So we basically spent the rest of dinner singing like opera singers. Why?  Because it's fun. and silly. and awesome.

We also feed off their ideas.  The boys were talking about how awesome it would be to have a regular cake that when your cut into it, it was rainbow...  so BAM... we did it.

I came across some ideas for some fun breakfasts for the kids.   I made this one today:

The picture about is the inspiration, not my creation.   The chick people were made from 1 hard boiled egg split in half. The yoke was turned into the sun. Instead of the above greenery, I shredded carrots and arranged them into a nest.    I didn't take a picture, but I will recreate it for Brad and try to remember to snap a pic.

When I gave it to the boys, they LOVED it.  Zach said thanks and then turned to me and said,
" Mum, you're aDORKable"

That may just be the best compliment of my life.


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