Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zach's Christmas List

Everyone thing their kids are awesome. I am no exception - my boys rule.

Reason #324354690-33525954  why Zach is awesome today.

First, he made dinner for the family - Grill cheese sandwiches and salad.

Then, while I was marking papers, he decided to write his Christams list for Santa. Early perhaps? Maybe, but like Zach says, "he gets busy Mum".  It's hard to argue with rock solid logic like that.

Anyways, here is his list:

It reads:
Dear Santa,

May I please have a shiny new dirt bike, an Xbox 360 and a flat sreen tv for my mom.

The picture (not sure why Santa isn't smiling) is of Zach giving Santa some "Buks" to pay for my tv.

How awesome is that?  So he didn't ask for world peace - big deal.  So the whole concept of Santa making the gifts for free is slightly lost on Zach, who seems intrinsicly aware that things cost money.

Still, I loved it.


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