Friday, October 21, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Friday

Awesome - this week at work was really busy. I notice I say busy a lot to describe y life, but honestly it's true.  We don't get a lot of downtime.

Anways.  Quarter end at work, so I was putting in some longer hours. Then I had the Board of Directors meeting at the daycare.... October's almost done.

Zach was so funny this morning. He woke up and almost immediately started talking about Black holes, asteroids, wormholes...

I am by no means a morning person, so this caught me a little off guard.  He looked at me and I guess I was making a confused sort of face and so he said, "Okay, maybe it is a little early for that, can we talk about the moon instead?"  upon which he then proceed to go on a 10 minute discussion of the moon, it's current crescent shape, how it influences the tides.... for 6 am, it was oratorical fireworks.

Tonight, after the boys are in bed, I am heading over to Jill's for dinner.  She just got back from Russia and I am anxious to see all the pictures.

Tomorrow is the usual Swimming, Diving, Theatre, but then Brad is taking Logan to the football game.  Magda is going to come over for dinner/drinks in the evening, so that should be great.  She just had a baby boy, so I think she's in need of an evening out with the girls.

Sunday is the standard double hockey practice, but we also have a birthday party for Matthew thrown in there somewhere.  I would like to get some more knitting done, as I am trying to make a bunch of stocking stuffer gifts and I like to have everything done early so that I can actually enjoy the holidays, but we'll see.

For Friday Fun... a clip from one of my new favorite shows... New Girl...

Pink wine makes me SLUTTY.


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