Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Awesome weekend.

Friday night I went over to Jill's. We had a great time, had some amazing food and caught up. I got to hear all about her trip To Russia. Apparently if you go on a Russian cruise, you will be surrounded by billionaires who have been on all the other cruises and were looking for something different.

Also, Moscow is evidently much nicer/cleaner/more modern than St. Petersberg. Considering that knowledge is about as close as I will ever get to Russia, that's good to know.

Saturday was the usual running around.  Brad took Logan to the football game and the Bombers pulled out a win.  Logan was pumped, but ever so slightly more excited by the fact that he charmed the pants off of everyone in our section and scored a butt load of treats.

After the boys went to bed on Saturday, Magda came over.  Magda just had her second baby boy, Andrew in the summer.  So she needed a night out.  We kept it low key, but we went out for drinks.  She's great - such a down to earth person.  I am going to be bummed when she moves next week. It was awesome having her 2 doors down.  But, her house is finally ready, so they are moving in this week.

Sunday was hockey.  I took Logan to hockey in the morning and the plan was that Brad would take Zach to his practice that night.  Logan did great.  He was ever so slightly upset because he got bumped up into the older age group (even though he's younger), but his best friend Seth didn't.  But, good news, Sethie got bumped up too.  So next week they will be together again.  Score!

After we got home, Brad made a brunch for the boys and then I took Zach to Matthew's birthday party.    My friend Debbie ( Seth's mum) was there as well.  So rather than hang out at the party ( at Ruckers, which is much cleaner than Fun F/x, but still effing LOUD), we decided to go get a coffee instead.   Convieniently enough, there was a starbucks right next door.  Perfect!  So we had a coffee and chat in a wonderfly calm environment before we had to go back to Chaos central to pick up the kids.

Sunday night, I got caught up on all my shows.  I don't watch TV during the week generally as a rule, but I get all caught up on Sunday.   This time I watched "Once upon a time".... gotta say.... this show sounds just awesome.  I watched the pilot and if they keep it up the way the pilot started, it's GOING to be awesome.

6 Days until Vegas!!!!


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