Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stress Test

So I had my stress test today.  A real one, not a cleaver euphimisim for something else.

Step 1: Take your shirt/bra off and put on gown to open to the front... hawt..

Step 2: Get a rub down with alcohol followed by a scratching with this cat tongue thing to make the sensors stick. Yeah, it's no where near as cute as a cat tongue. It stings.

Step 3: Attach sensors to a ridiculous amount of wires, which are then attached to a belt.  Looking very robot-couture at this point.

Step 4: A safety pin is used to hold together your gown (yeah, my girls need a bit more strutucal integrity than a safety pin).

Step 5: Get on the treadmill.  Wait.. you may be wondering if I missed a step whereby you get to put on a sports bra for the safety of all involved. Sadly you would be mistaken.  Nope you get to run, full blast at an incline no less, hooked up to wires WITH NO BRA.

Awesome. How's your day?

On a positive note, I made it though the whole test, got to the target heart rate and walked out with a score of "excellent".




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