Monday, October 3, 2011

Coughs, Committees and Characters

Fun filled weekend as per usual.

Brad took his buddy bruce to the game on Friday night as I wasn't feeling great.  Nothing major, just a little stomach issue.

Saturday we took the boys to swimming. They did great.  Zach tried so hard and gets winded. We are going to have to bring his puffers with us from now on, because when he was done class, his lips were blue (asthma thing). They returned to a rosy pink shortly after which was good.

Logan wasn't feeling great on Saturday, just kind of lethargic.  Diving was kind of a wash. He wasn't into it. Brad said that they previous week he did great, so I am hoping that this is just a one off.  Saturday afternoon he really started coughing, so I imgine that is what was bugging him.

We got home and all went outside to do some yardwork. Specifically we wanted to load the branches and whatnot from the tree we cut down into the truck to take to the dump.  Surprisingly all the branches fit in the truck... was pleasantly surprised on that one.

Saturday afternoon was Zach's theatre class. He was so excited.  Paretns aren't allowed to stay and watch because kids will get shy and cling to parents and it becomes sorta lame.  So kids get an hour break from the parents and vice versa.  They will put on a show for us at the end of the season so we can see what they have been working on.

Sunday afternoon was our race committee meeting for the WPS Half.  It was nice in that this time the meeting was at Laird's house in Island Lakes which is super close to us. Much better than having to meet at the Public Safety building downtown.   It's been a few months since we have seen everyone so it was great to catch up.  Les and Nick brought their two boys, Troy and Tyler who are really close in age to Zach and Logan, so the 4 of them played around while we had our initial season brainstorm meeting.

Sunday evening Brad went over to a buddies place for a Fantasy Hockey draft.  It worked out well, cause then I got to watch Sister Wives in peace.  Not sure why but that show just fascinates me. The whole dynamic.  It's not a life I could ever live, but the show is strangely captivating. Brad hates it, so I have to PVR it or watch when he's gone out.

Monday Monday!  4 weeks today till I leave for Vegas!!


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