Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boys are home! Boys are home!

Big Warm Fuzzy!

Boys are home after a hunting weekend with Brad. They had a great time, Zach got a squirrel (which I know sounds awful, but they really are pests at the cabin). They didn't see any deer, but that could partly be due to the fact that Logan couldn't stop talking (wonder where he gets that from?) while out for the hunts. The house is too quiet without the boys - Glad they're home.

Got to see Crazy Stupid Love. I liked it. Never really realized how photoshop-come-to-life Ryan Gosling is. Plus it has Emma Stone, who is just awesome.

Then Jill came back to my place and we had a soak in the hot tub and enjoyed our weekly vent. It's so nice to be able to just talk about things that are going on without trying to impress someone, worry what the think etc etc. Jill is as true of a person as I have ever met. So fortunate to have her in my family.

Spent Saturday in the kitchen - Lasanga's, Cookies, Muffins....

I want to make the week I am in Vegas as easy on Brad as I can. So pre-assembled dinners (Not cooked, just ready to bake) make things easier. I also pre-cut a whole boatload of veggies (broccoli, celery, carrots, peppers), which should make lunch preparation easier.

Got most of my packing done, just have to add in the day of things like my hair dryer etc. Staying at the Mirage...
I feel so grateful that IG is sending me on this conference.  A week long stay in Vegas...costing me nothing.


Plus I get to totally let me geek gear slide - a whole conference dedicated to IT business solutions.  Sweet!!!

Fly out tomorrow.... I am going to the boys Halloween party celebration at the school first because that is important to them, so I wouldn't miss that.  Then Logan is going trick or treating with his buddy Noah and Noah's Mum Corrinne.  Zach is going out with his friend Nathan and his Mum Colleen.



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