Monday, September 26, 2011

Surgery Done

Surgery went well.    The Surgeon removed the bump and then also removed a bunch of scar tissue, which is fine I supposed but resulted in my getting 5 stitches instead of 2.

Whatever, as long as it heals and doesn't come back I'm fine with it.

Weekend was quiet. I wasn't really up to doing anything crazy, so Brad took the boys to swimming and diving. Apparently they did great at swimming lessons and Logan took to diving like a fish to water, so that's awesome.

Zach had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Brad can't stand birthday parties, so I put on a hat and drove him over.  The party was at Fun FX on Pembina - paradise of chaos for kids, but mayhem for the parents.  Still, when I came to pick him up a few hours later, he had a great time.

While Zach was at the party, Brad built the bunk beds in Zach's room.  My Dad is an excellent carpenter, having built our cabin by hand.  He originally built the bunk beds for the cabin. However, when we added the second wing on the cabin, he installed built in bunk beds (they are attached to the wall), so we didn't need these ones.    The plan is convert the bunk bed into a loft/desk bed.  In the interim, we got some maroon suede like fabric and created curtains around the bunk bed - makes it feel like a fort.

Not to be left out, we tacked up some of the panels onto the ceiling in Logan's room and so they hang down aroudn his bed. They look really cool and Logan is happy because it gives him "privacy".

Sunday Brad took the boys over to a pool party at Ben's place.  Both boys were thrilled at being able to swim in the fancy pool.

Oh yeah, forgot, we also cut down the apple tree (well, Brad did, I watched from inside) in the backyard.  It is the only way we could eliminate the massive amounts of wasps in the backyard. Plus, we want to use the space for a firepit.  Whoo HOo!


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