Saturday, September 17, 2011

Party's over......Knitting Ho

Ho as in a announcing a destination, not as in prostitute, just to clarify.

So the party is over.

Sigh of relief.

All 5 boys had a really good time.  In a sucky turn of events, hockey tryouts were announced two days before on Thursday.  So three of the boys couldn't make it because if they missed the tryouts, they couldn't play hockey.  That sucked.  But these things happen.  ZJ's best friend Nathan plays hockey, and by some stroke of luck, he got the 7:30 tryout time slot, so he was still able to attend.  Whew.

The archery instructor in my opinion was less than effervescent in her demeanour.  I can't figure out if her subdued nature was a part of a master plan to keep the boys calm or whether she was actually that sedate.  Boys didn't seem to mind though.  They shot arrows at the targets, balloons, lifesize foam animals....

Then it was upstairs for pizza, cake and presents....

ZJ had a really good time - All that matters.

Mum came to the party to wish ZJ well.  She had a surprise for me in that she brought me her whole knitting stash... needles, wool, patterns, books, you name it.

So awesome.... knit, purl.... I am all set.

My plan for this evening is to start with the basic of the basic.  I will be knitting a scarf.  I know... a little wild and adventurous for my first attempt. LOL.

So needles, wool and a glass of wine.  Perfect.


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