Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Weekend...

Had a really nice long weekend.  We all went out to the cabin for the inaugural "Second Birthday" weekend.

Up until now, my Dad and Zach were the only ones who really celebrated their birthday's at the cabin.  Logan always felt left out. So Mum came up with the idea of the Second Birthday.  We would all go out to the cabin for the long weekend and we would celebrate EVERYONE's birthday. We all would get a second birthday gift, everyone's name would be on the cake and it would be awesome.

It was.

I gave Dad the photo book I made for him about the cabin.  He really loved it.  Technically Dad is the only one who is not getting a second birthday as his birthday was on the Sunday, but he really didn't mind.

The amazing thing is that this year is the year of the acorn.  Acorns are falling like rain at the cabin. Everytime the wind blows, we all duck for cover, because inevitably a whole bunch will fall.  There is a massive bumper crop this year.  The boys and I collected bags and bags and bags.... we went down into the low field and planted for over an hour; just digging holes and dropping the acorns in.  I took three of the extra large ziploc bags home full of acorns.  My intent is to use them in decorating for the holidays.


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