Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hunter Safety Day

Today was my Hunter Safety course. 

While i have no immediate plans to do any hunting, my family does.  Dad, Brad, Brett all are hunters and keep us in Venison year round.

So I have a healthy respect for hunters.  As my sons grow up, part of the traditions that will be passed down to them is how to be a safe and respectful hunter.  So I figured that it was only prudent that I take the safety course in a "Practice what you Preach" sort of way. I will make the boys take it ( and it will be mandatory in Manitoba if they want to hunt anyways by the time they are old enough to be hunters) when the time comes.

It was LONG.  8 hours. But still, learned a bunch of things. Most of the skills they teach you are common sense, but I did learn a whole bunch about the difference between shotguns and rifles, what the "22 caliber" or 16 gauge shot gun all means. 

I was lucky to have Owen take the course with me and keep me company.  It was held at the Manitoba Wildlife Federation and the room was small, stuffy and had no air conditioning.  Being in a small room with a lot of men who mostly consume a high protein diet is not exactly ideal let me assure you.

I wrote the exam at the end and got my 100%.  Good thing, because you need 96% to pass.

Brad was busy at home.  He finished off the edges to the deck and put in stairs.  Looks awesome and the project is now finished.  Next year, we are going to add in some landscaping and a fire pit.

I picked Owen up in St. James around 7 am.... and got home around 5pm.  It was a long day, but I am glad it's done.


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