Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holy Moly

Have things been busy. WOW.

Things have been crazy at work. Add to that these bizarre chills/dizzy spells I have been getting and it's every more crazy.

I have to get lots done this week as I will be off Friday for surgery. Back in Jan/Feb ( or was it May?) I had some day surgery to remove pilar cysts.  Sounds digusting, but really it is little bumps on your head. They don't hurt, don't look gross, they are just a bump.  But I choose to have them removed.

So I did.  I had 3 removed. 2 stayed away, but one returned, so I am going back on Friday to have it removed again.  Hopefully the recovery will be easier as it's only one instead of 3.

Other than that, not to much going on. Boys are really enjoying school.  Logan's teacher is amazing. I love reading the Twitter feeds from the class. It's so cool to get real time updates of what your son is doing in class. Plus, he tweets out some funny things that the kids say during the day. It's awesome on so many levels.  THIS is what teachers are supposed to be like!!!

When I get home, I can now ask specific questions about things I know he did today, so it prompts conversation as opposed to:

Me: How was school?
Logan: Fine

Zach is really loving his class with Ms. Croft. Zach has never (at least up until this point) beena kid who loved school.  But this year, he has been enjoying it. Ms. Croft seems to have a way of making things fun. They played the card game "War" the other day in class, with a twist. It wasn't the highest card who won, it was the player who could add the two numbers together the fastest (correcty of course).  Zach loved it and aksed to play it at home.


HP said...

Awesome that they boys are having such a good school year so far!
Don't know if I mentioned this earlier or not, but we learned a cool "game" when we were camping with friends & their kids this summer. It's called high-low. Instead of asking the kids "how was your day?", everyone at the table takes a turn to explain the best and worst thing about their day. It's fun b/c it also starts a lot of conversations instead of allowing for one word answers.

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