Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Feedback

What an awesome first day. Zach came bounding to the door when I arrived saying that it was an EXCELLENT day!  Even though his best friend Nathan is in a different class, they still have recess at the same time, so they get to see eachother which is awesome.  Then, the Grade 5-ers let Zach play soccer with them.  Nathan just laughed and said it's because Zach's taller than all of them anyways. LOL.  A lot of Zach's friends are in Nathan's class, so Nathan was kind enough to hand out the invitations to Zach's party to those kids.  So far 3 have confirmed. Zach wants a small party because then they get to do something a little more expensive.  If you have a huge number of kids, then it get expensive very fast, so we usually do somthing simpler.  Zach's party is hopefully going to be around 6 - they are going to Heartland Archery and then a pizza party after.  Whoo hoo.

Logan had a great day too!  it was his first full day of school as Kindergarten was a half day. He was so excited to be treated like a big kid; Agenda books etc.  Logan was pretty pumped that they got to go to the computer lab.  Mr. Stimson is a real tech-teacher, so Logan is going to be getting a lot of exposure to computers and stuff, so I am thrilled about that.   He's got the reading app going on my itouch, so when they get to reading, he's all set!  Logan was so proud of the printing work he did in his book - as was I!!!  It's nicer than my printing! 

Good day all round.

This weekend is going to be busy. I am taking hunter's safety course tomorrow all day with Owen.  At least I got my passport application in yesterday, so i won't have to do that as well.  Sunday is the Banjo Bowl....

Go Blue!


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