Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Zach's birthday always gets stretched out over a few weeks. 

His actual birthday is at the end of August. We usually have a family party that day (just us and the boys). Then there is our new family tradition of  "Second Birthday" which is held at the cabin on Labour day weekend.

Then... Zach's party with his friends is this weekend. We wait until school starts back up so that everyone can come. It's hard to get ahold of people when everyone is on holidays...  So that is this weekend.

Zach is PUMPED.  All of his friends RSVP'd yes. Everyone can come, so awesome.  So the plan is for Archery and then a pizza party. 

Sunday is Zach's party with Brad's side of the family, so they will be coming over around in the afternoon.

Busy weekend.  It's the last weekend before all of the activities start up... so much for getting a break.

My hope for Saturday's party is as follows...

Other than that things are going well.

Work is going well, looking forward to my conference coming up. There has been a bunch of promotions at work lately.  I am really happy that some people are getting the recognition that they deserve. 

I can only hope that at some point, it will happen to me.  However, in the interim, will continue to work my butt off and see where that takes me.  Yup, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it.


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