Friday, August 19, 2011

Such a good holiday

So nice.

Grand Forks was great. The boys love the water park. Love Love LOVE it. 

They had a great time and I got them all stocked up on clothes and shoes for school.  We are good to go.

Came home and did a quick reload/repack and headed out to our cabin.

Weather was fantastic.  Zach got a new BB gun from Grandpa, so on Sunday night, he was out there and got a squirrel.  Now, while I come from a hunting family, I know that squirrels are pests and it is a good thing when we remove them.  However, part of me still gets a little uncomfortable with it. 

Anywhoo...  We went down to the old dock to go fishing, but the flood has caused some serious havoc in the region. While the water has receeded, the soil left behind is covered in tree/root debris and a thick layer of silt.  It looks solid enough, but when you stand on it, you sink and the mud is as thick as cheesecake...and nearly impossible to extricate yourself from.  So fishing from the dock/water edge wasn't really a go.

We headed down to where the ferry is instead.  the ferry hasn't been put on the river, for the same aformentioned reasons, but the land there is slightly more stable.  Bleek and the boys caught 3 catfish.  Plus, with the extra water around, the area is a frog paradise, so Logan and Zach spent the next 2 hours catching and collecting frogs.  At one point they had 12 frogs in an old ice cream pail. So fun.

We had wanted to take the boys on a covered wagon ride at Spruce Woods, but the business has shut down because of flood damage (that area is still recovering), so we headed into Glenboro instead.

On our last day, we drove into Wawanesa and spent the day at the outdoor water park there. It's a simple little outdoor pool/splash park, but it was just the ticket on a hot day.  We all had a great time playing in the water and then had a picnic on the grass.

The boys didn't want the week to end.  Neither did Bleek and I.

Still have the weekend left of my holidays.

Jill came over tonight for some Thai and Wine and a Hot tub soak....  Perfection!


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