Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Royalwood Run

I haven't mentioned it lately, but I am still working on AMJ.  It has become less of a focus and more of a lifestyle change. Does that make sense?

It's like when I am dieting, everything goes into starvation mode and I find myself craving things all the time. However, I noticed that when I wasn't doing that self imposed deprivation, I didn't have the cravings. So the light went on.

Perhaps, I could incorporate the good habits without dieting - embracing that "all in moderation" concept. So I have.  Initially I was still craving the same things as before, but then it quickly wore off.

So while the weight loss is CONSIDERABLY slower, I feel that this is something that I can maintain in the long run.

Alright... you're all caught up.

I wanted to go for a run outside when I got home.  I enlisted Z to come with me.  We decided to run through the Royalwood forest.  Technically it's called the "bois-des-esprit" trail, but we call it the Royalwood forest.
It's this really great winding trail that goes right through the forest.  It's got lot of ups and downs and little surprises along the way...

Tree Men! Owls!

These gorgeous carvings that are scattered throughout the trail.

It was a really great little run!


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