Thursday, August 25, 2011


That was an epic install.

MTS arrived around 8:30 am...and got to work.  Our journey to get a PVR has been a long one. Apparently 92% of the city is covered with a basic cable line.  8% of the city is not and up until recently this 8% could not get PVR service as a result.

Apparently the technology improved and they do some sort of split line thing that allows for us hard done by 8% to get the cable to the house.  Not a small feat.  It took 2 guys from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm to get it all installed.

But it's in and it's fabulous.  Love it.

What I did not love however, was the mess they left.  Cord tacks, screws, drywall dust was left all over our gym floor and they didn't even cover up our treadmill (I would have provided a sheet had they asked). Also, when they took the existing cord down, they ripped it from the wall and chipped off a bunch of paint.

Not happy about that.  When I called MTS to complain, they said that they would schedule the guys to come back out and tidy up. Yeah, like I am going to take another day off work so that the MTS boys can come and tidy up their mess. As if.

We will see what happens there, but I am really pleased that we finally have the service, plus it comes with MTS maintained Wifi - I used to have my own router, but I had to maintain/troubleshoot that myself if anything went wrong, so this will be a bonus.

Also, I called irobot about my sad little vaccuum. After getting me to perform a series of tests on my machine, they came to the ultimate conclusion that it is complete toast, so they are ordering me a new one. Hurrah.

CGA dinner in the evening along with a information lecture for markers... always a good time.

Productive day!


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