Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Weekend Awesomeness!

It was a great long weekend.

We had lots of great weather, tons of activities to keep the boys busy and had a great time.

We had to wait until the trails dried up from the overnight thunderstorm, but we got out and had a long ride, saw some beaverdams too!


We did a lot of bug collecting this weekend, we even caught a lizard!


Boys and Bleek went out and did some fishing at a landlocked pond left over from the flood..

Farmer Nealy came over and we had a great big campfire, with LOTS of goofing around!
Logan took a lot of these pictures, which is why he isn't in them....
When it finally got dark, we had a glowing laddertoss game, and then had some fun with the glow sticks!!!

Super Amazing weekend.....


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