Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Libarary Diva..

We are at the library a lot.  The boys read so much that is was just way cheaper to get books from the library instead of buying them all the time.

Logan has recently had a more specific request. He wants to learn to read.  He's frustrated that kindergarten only taught letter sounds and beginning words.  He wants to READ.  So I have been helping him in the evenings. 

I went to the libary today to pick up a bunch of the beginning reader books.

But I also picked up a book for me.  Here is my new book for the Labour Day weekend....

Which is actually funny, because the story summary indicates, that Diva's in fact DO knit.

It looks like a funny read... can't wait.


Anonymous said...


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Но не все оказалось так просто нужно было все сделать по человечески что бы было просто и понятно тебе...
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Забирай быстрее Подарки, пока мы не закрыли Акцию!

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