Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cat food...

I try to make my lunch every day.   Most of the time it works out in that I have left overs from dinner or I specifically make a lunch.  But on those occasions where I don't, I have a back up, either a frozen entree or something else.

I came across these Tuna Snack kits.  Essentially tuna salad and crackers all ready to go.  I thought this was a new thing, but one of my coworkers said I have mentioned it before, I don't remember that, but... anyways.

So today, I figured I'd give them a go.

You want to know what "Ocean's Tuna SnacKit™ with Celery & Onion is a portable blend of dolphin-safe skipjack tuna and low- fat mayonnaise enhanced with crunchy celery and mild onions. This delectable bite is paired with crackers to provide tasty fuel anywhere at any time. You even have a spoon and napkin to keep you nice and tidy. This take-anywhere meal is sure to invigorate and keep you going" tastes like?

Cat food.

Now, I have to admit it was moderately tasty, but I really couldn't get past the fact that it indeed had the smell and consistency of cat food.  Kind of unsettling and/or slightly nauseating.

Lesson learned - bring a sandwich.


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