Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 stops and a lot of rain...

Interesting evening.  I had some errands to run, so I took Zach with me and Logan stayed behind to help Owen and Bleek with the deck.

Here is where Zach and I went to.

1. Value Village - drop some things off
2. Rogers/Air Source on Pembina by the University - I wanted to find out about a pre-paid Rocket Stick, but the guy here was useless. No help at all.
3. Zellers - to pick up a Jeannie cake for Owen's birthday. It's so odd that Zellers sells them, but it sure beats having to drive all the way out to Sherbrook and back.
4. Shoppers Drug Mart - I needed 1 stamp, not a book, 1. This particular location didn't sell single stamps as they don't have  a post office. BUGGER.
5. Future Shop - Back on the Rocket Stick bandwagon. Apparently these pre-paid things are new and they don't have them either.  Alright, this annoys me. Don't advertize something on your website only to have no location carry it.

I got so frustrated that I started  calling Rogers locations.  A few said no, but one (Stafford and Pembina) said it was easy to convert a non-prepaid into a prepaid.  So we went there.

6. Rogers@ Stafford and Pembina - the girls there were awesome, totally helped us out, got the rocket stick set up for me and charged me the regular $129 instead of the $149 it was posted online as.  Cool.
7. Shoppers Drug Mart WITH Post Office - Got the single stamp and mailed the kids hockey registrations.
8. Bulk Barn - needed to pick up some icing so that I could write Happy Birthday on Owen's cake.
9. LC - Picked up two bottle of Angry Scots Beer for Brad and Owen....

10. HOME.
Let me tell you, for an ADHD kid to make it through 9 stops where his is expected to be patient, wait and not get restless is remarkable. I was seriously impressed with him.

Brad and Owen ran into a few problems last night, a few trips to home depot and they finally had what they needed. Problem was that it started to rain and  anyone who is familiar with Benjamin Franklin's work is aware that working with electricity outside in the rain is slightly less than ideal, so they had to call it a night.


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