Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend recap

That was a great weekend.

Friday night was awesome.  Bleek took Z to the football game.  We won! Suh-weet!  Zach had a great time cheering the Bombers with Brad.

Logan and I went to see Cars 2.  So funny. I love the show Deadliest Catch.  One of the boats is the Northwestern with Captain Sig Hansen.  The opening scene of the movie has Sig and his boat!  So cool.

The movie started at 7pm and the boys usually go to bed around 8, so Logan was getting pretty tired by the end of the movie.

Saturday was very very busy.  Logan, Zach and I got up to head out to the bakery to pick up some bread.  I had a coupon, so I got 22 loaves of bread (which we freeze) for $9. So awesome.  Then we went out and got the boys swimsuits for the daycare. In the summer, the boys get to go swimming at the waterpark twice a week.

After lunch, I dropped Logan off at Mikias' house and then Cole came by our place.  We made an arsenal of water ballons and then headed across the street to the climber for a water balloon fight. It was so hot, and water balloons were just the ticket!

Meanwhile, early in the am, we had gravel and sand delivered.  Brad and Owen got the pad at the back filled and levelled. So now, we are all set for a Hot Tub.  Well, sort of. We need to upgrade the electrical on the house, so Brad is going to schedule that this week.

Sunday Brad and Owen tore down the old shed in the backyard.  We don't have a big backyard and it was larger than necessary.  So they tore that down, took it to the dump and roto-tilled the ground, so we are ready to put in a garden and a fire pit.

To keep the boys out of the guy's hair, I took them to the Zoo.  It was both good and disappointing.  The disappointing part was the a good portion of the Zoo was closed down due to renovations, the polar bears, the owls, the Australian exhibits. Also, the tropical house cave exhibits were also closed.  However, the good part was that we got to see the new Eagle exhibit and the Butterfly enclosure, so that was awesome. 

After spending the whole weekend outside, we all were just beat. 
Can't wait until next weekend!!


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