Saturday, July 2, 2011

Marking and the long weekend.

I am a National CGA marker.  That means when students sign up to take courses, I am one of the people who marks their assignments.  It's great.  I enjoy providing feedback to the students, getting to know my fellow markers and keeping up to speed on all the new things coming down the pike.  It's something that I do in my spare timein addition to my CGA Ambassador duties.

One thing though, it's lots of work. LOTS.  I have 37 students this term. Each assignment takes me between 1.5 - 2 hours per student give or take.  There are 5 assignments. 

This weekend was tough, I had to balance marking the assignments, making sure I spent lots of time with the boys while being solo this weekend.

Since the weather was so nice,my marking was pushed back to the evenings when the boys were asleep.  With Bleek being away, it's great ( not him being away) that I can settle down and mark papers from 7pm until 2 am without feeling guilty for ignoring him.

So we have got outside lots so far this weekend. Zach decided that he needed some flip flops (his first pair), so he got some cool ones. Logan decided on a regular flat sandal.  Walking up to the mall was nice. I try and get the boys out walking or bike riding instead of taking the car.  Since time was not an issue, why not walk?

Mum came over for dinner tonight.  I don't get to see Mum that often, so it's nice.  The boys miss her like crazy and the first hour of his visit is punctuated with "Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!"  They have so much to tell her and can't wait to fill her in.

That's about it for now.  Bedtime has gotten pushed back since the boys are a little older and it's summer now.  They are currently showing Grandma the finer points of playing the Wii.



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