Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Weekend

Been a long week. One of those strange weeks whereby the individual days go by fast, but the week itself seems to drag only until I get to Friday and then it feels like it went by fast again.

Hot Tub has arrived. We scheduled delivery for the coming week. Bleeker is PUMPED!  I am too actually.  With the deck, the hot tub, fire pit and whatnot, it is going to be a party backyard, just the way Bleek and I like it.

SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the weekend. I got all my marking done ahead of time, so we can all just relax and enjoy it.   Boys are going to get to ride horses, riding lessons start in August. They can't wait for that.

Here's hoping for a good time, good wine and good weather. 

Let's start how we mean to continue....

A little light stretching before we get to the real heavy lifting...

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