Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Friday!

 Yeah! Friday!

My coffee tastes like lavender.  I am fairly confident that wasn't the "flavor of the day", but it does none the less.

It's quite nice actually.  A little different.

Anywhooo...weekend time!   Sunday Bleek's grandparents are in from BC and we are all going out to Brett's to have a get together.  Should be a nice afternoon, hopefully the weather holds.

Saturday is wide open.  Bleek and I want to do some work on the backyard. I want to go through the kids closets and toy boxes and get  rid of anything that doesn't fit or they don't play with... time to donate!!

Yesterday was an awesome shopping score!  I hit the mall during my lunch and got two skirts, one marked down from $49 to $11 and the other marked down from $39.99 to $8.  Wa-hoo!  One of them matches a blazer that I have which is great, because now I can make a suit out of it instead of trying to find a coordinating pair of pants.  I realise this is my own idea of awesome, but in the land of me... this is a good thing.

Anyways.... been having a major retail bug lately.... finding awesome things everywhere, its taking a fair amount of willpower not to buy most of it.  I did get Zach a new lunchbox.  I had bought Logan one of these last year.  He loves it.  It is called a Goodbyn  They are great in that you don't have to use ziploc bags or unsafe plastic containers for your kids lunch. They are dishwasher safe and just all around awesome.  They come with stickers (dishwasher safe of course) that the kids use to decorate themselves.    They come with a re-useable juice box so you don't have to send drink boxes everyday.  Plus, when you are done with them, they are great container for craft stuff or sewing kits.

I have been hesitant to order Zach one as they are more expensive and Zach has a tendency to lose his.  I am hoping that this won't be the case.  They do have two sizes, and this is the larger one.  I like all the different compartments so I can send veggies and dip.

Onto the TGIFS!!
Starting the polka dot Wellington ribbon boots!!!!

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