Monday, July 18, 2011

Fantastically Productive

What a productive weekend.

Friday night after the boys left, I headed out to Walmart for some groceries.  Blissfull to be grocery shopping without children.  I bought SO much stuff.  We needed a new blender because we took our old one out to the cabin.  So I found a decent one for $60.  I was totally shocked when the register came to only $287.  I wanted to stay under $300, not including the blender.  So awesome!!

Saturday I did my marking and got it all done fairly quickly, so I treated myself to a pedicure at Hawaii nails.  Love it there, the massaging chairs are great.

From there, I headed over to GG's (Great Grandma) and took her out shopping and for lunch.  We had a great time walking around the mall, trying stuff on.  She doesn't get out that much, so I try to take her when I can.

After that, I went home for a little bit and then went out again to meet Jill at the theatre. I was expecting a huge line for Harry Potter, but I guess they have it running in so many theatres, that there wasn't any line at all.  I used the subtitle contraption, very cool, although a little conspicuous though. LOL.

Sunday morning I decided to weed the jungle that was my backyard. Took me a couple hours, but it looks fantastic. I also mowed the lawn, set up the patio set, found homes for all the tools that were previously in the shed (which we tore down last weekend).

So excited when the boys came home. They brought a otter skull home to show me.  Everything is a learning experience with Grandpa!  The cabin is one big, huge, super awesome, outdoor science class.

Since the weather was too good to pass up, we decided to eat outside on the patio.  I made the boys blueberry smoothies, just frozen berries and some milk. They loved it, and got super staches to prove it.

Monday again!  Weeks are flying by. SUMMER SLOW DOWN!


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