Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bunny Nest

Last night was fun.

I met up with Kendra at St.Vital Mall.  Kendra needs maternity clothes.  I can't even describe how happy I am to type that sentence!!!

Thyme had the most amazing sale.  She totally lucked out. All of the summer tops were on sale for $9.   So awesome.  She even got a pair of super cute khaki shorts for her golf league for only $19.  Score!

Kendra laughed at me cause I made her try on the belt bump.  The belt bump is exactly that, a belt that has a bump on it.  It adds three months to your belly when trying on clothes.    Honestly, seeing Kendra with her beautiful little bump and I got all teary.

From Thyme we went over to Bath and Body works (once Kendra assured me that her nose/stomach was fine now and the smells wouldn't bother it).  They were having their Yellow sale! Holy mother.  So awesome. I totally stocked up.

Then when I got home, I parked the car in the garage.  I walked out the door of the garage and saw a rabbit hop away.  I looked down as something caught my eye.  There was a bunny nest in the backyard, with 8 or 9 super tiny baby bunnies.

I ran inside to get Brad to show him.  When we came out, they were all burrowing under the nest of grass, but Brad did manage to take a picture of one of them.  So sweet.  They looked similar to this, but much smaller right now.  They do have fur though.


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