Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walmart Supercentre

I had heard that Walmart was branching into the grocery market.  Wasn't too excited about it frankly. The idea of getting my fruits and veggies from Walmart didn't seem to appetizing.

But, my cousin raved about the prices, so I thought I would give it a go.  I was surprised. The produce was just as good, if not much better in some cases, than Extra Foods.  Some items were $2-3 dollars cheaper.  Crazy...

I know what a regular grocery shop (if I am not buying anything out of the ordinary) costs, I bought all of those, and I also bought a ton of things to stock up in our bakery pantry (flour,sugar, butter... etc) as I had completely run down my reserves. 

Still, with all of those extra purchases, it was still about $20-$30 cheaper at Walmart.  Who knew?

It was actually also layed out pretty well and not too congested, although it is still Walmart so the waits at the checkout can get a little cumbersome, which does suck if you have frozen things.

All in all, pretty pleased with the shopping trip.


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