Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Totally impressed.

Last night was a miserable night for soccer. It was windy, cold, ugh.

Zach usually doesn't like to play outside when it's cold/windy.  So I honestly was expecting a meltdown at the soccer field.  That kid never ceases to amaze me. Not only did he play his heart out, but he also was able to completely control his behavior.  Logan was playing Rylan's DS on the sidelines, a coveted new Star Wars Lego game. Zach asked to play, but I said that No, he was playing soccer and should cheer on his team.  To my complete surprise he said "Okay mum".  Then later on, when it was break for snack, he asked to play, I said "No, because you get overwhelmed with video games Zach".  The next part blew me away.  He stayed completely calm and in control and took a deep breath.  Then he said very calmly, "Mum, I will overcome my overreacting and when you ask me to stop, I will.  Can I please play?" 

It was such a lucid, well thought out, calm request that I wanted to reward him. So I let him play.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later it was his turn on the field, he stopped playing and ran out for his shift. 

Wow. Z.  Kudos dude.

Logans cake has taken a turn for the disaterous.    I made two white round cakes with rainbow chips in them(Logan's favorite).  Then I thought I would try something new and instead of icing between the two rounds, I thought I would make pudding.  Good idea right?

Oh holy mother... not a good idea.  The pudding completely squished out the sides (even though it had already set) and made the stupid thing impossible to ice.  I could take a picture of it, but I am sure that Betty Crocker would have an embolism.

So I am now in salvage mode... I either have to find a way to save this cake somehow, or I am going to have to start over.... I'm thinking... I'm thinking....

Ah hA!

Bug Mountain cake!

I have put the monstrosity in the fridge to set, it's already been dirty iced (however haphazardly).  I am going to re-ice it with chocolate icing, then cover it in oreo cookie crumbs, add some gummy worms and it will become..... BUG MOUNTAIN!!  I thought I was being super creative here and then when I went onto google, found out that it is actually  a featured cake theme on Family Fun....

Okay, so I won't re-invent the wheel, but if it turns out something like this it should be alright....


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