Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday is Pseudo Friday

Gees, Z was in a freaking grumptastic mood this morning. You would think being the last day of school he would be happy, but the fact that he had to attend for a mere 3 hours was tragic in the world of Z.

I have learned something. Before I used to try to rationalize with him and he and I would completely butt heads and it would turn into a fight.  Now, I just tell him the way it is and leave him to it.

This morning he didn't want to eat breakfast.  Then he tried to make a deal and say he'd eat it if I let him eat on the couch. He started crying and getting mad. No. We eat at the table.  I told him point blank that he was going to eat his breakfast at the table, and then he was going to school. Period. 

Rather than sit and watch to make sure he did it, I took Logan with me and went and got dressed.  Void of any attention, Zach finished his breakfast in 2 minutes, came into the bedroom and apologized for being grumpy.  Nice.  It worked. Score one for Mum.

We (the boys and I ) are staying in the city this weekend. We have to be close to the DR. in case Zach's asthma flares up, at least until it's under control again.

I have work to do this weekend, but we'll make it a fun one.

Anyways, Pseudo TGIFs!!

Dropping Doses Gif - Dropping Doses

funny gifs - See? It could always be worse


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