Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Saturday

Big day. Lots done.

Bleeker got up early and went for a run with Dave. He was back before I got up. Then we went Spa Shopping. Holy Mother... expensive but oh so awesome.

We decided on the one we want, and while we are 100% sure we want to buy it, we decided to let the idea marinate a little, because we changed how we want to build the deck, so we're going to take a few days and redesign it. The deck is going to be built around the tub, but the tub dictates everything. So we have to get that in first.

Boys had some fun at got out the water guns and sprinker. Then after a picnic lunch, Zach decided he wanted to go for a long bike ride. Bleek wanted to stay back and work with Logan to get his training wheels off.

So off we went. Zach and I headed out to the Bishop Grandin Greenway (I think that's what it's called) It's a nice long ride and you don't need to worry about cars. Plus it's really pretty and there is even some sculptures along the way. We ended up at St. Vital park. Got some water and played at the park for awhile before biking home.  I couldn't believe when Bleek said we had been gone 2 hours!

Meanwhile Bleeker had got Logan to try biking without training wheels. The little man caught on fast! It took two tries and he's a pro. So we are officially done with training wheels. Awesome! While I was gone with Zach, Bleek actually dug out the spot in the backyard for the hot tub. Whoo Hoo!

As a treat for accomplishing that big goal, I took Logan to get a slurpee, but he asked s Sydney ( his babysitter from nextdoor) could come. It's a nice hot summer day, so Syd jumped at the idea. The three of us took the long walk down to Macs to get a slurpee. She's such a sweetie. It's her Grade 8 grad next week, same day as Logan's.

We had a nice summer BBQ supper and then finally came inside just now.  I love summer, you can just be outside for an entire day.

Tomorrow is the Soccer windup.  Mr. Mark is performing.  Zach and Logan love him, so they are super excited. There is going to be tons of stuff going on RCMP horses, face painting, Police Cars to sit in ( Zach loves this as he wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up) amoung tons of other things.
Great way to end the season.


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