Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning

A little late perhaps, but since the boys are away, it's the perfect time.

I got the front closet all cleaned out, outgrown shoes/jackets have all been donated.  Then I went in the kitchen and completely cleaned out the fridge and cupboards, washed them all out.  Whoo!

Next up was the boys room. Started with Logan's went through all his clothes and got two garbage bags full of clothes to donate. Then I went to Zach's room and pulled all the stuff he has outgorwn, which goes right into the space I just made in Logan's room.

Same goes for my closet, if I hadn't worn it in a year, it was gone.

After all of that, then it was just back to the regular household cleaning. Started at 10 am and I was finished by 3:45.  Long day, but I got tons of things done.

Jill is coming over for dinner tonight. I am in charge of the BBQ chicken salad and she's bringing martini mix. whoop! whoop!

She is going to crash here tonight as she has a race/run in the morning and the people she's going with at out by U of M, so since Jill lives in Charleswood it will be a heck of a lot faster to stay here tonight and then go over in the morning.

Looking forward to seeing her. It's been awhile.


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