Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Penny for your thoughts?

Metal objects are death to garburators.  They really are.  If you don't realise there is a fork in the garburator and turn it on, it will sound like a typewriter eating tinfoil being kicked down the stairs... it's not pleasant.

Yesterday, our garburator made such a noise. I was intrigued because there were no utensils of any kind that I had missed or anything. A few more brief attempts at turning it on resulted in the thrashing noise to stop and be replaced by a much more ominous humming.


I hate when things around the house break. Actually, I hate having to tell Bleeker that things around the house have broken.  Anyways, a few clicks on google basically informed me that the fly wheel is stuck. As to what a flly wheel is or how to repair it remained to be seen at that point.

Turned out, a penny had fallen down into the garburator, that was the tinfoil being kicked down the stairs noise.  Then it bounced itself around until it got wedged in the side, blocking the fly wheel from turning, thus the humming.

Sheesh.  So that is fixed now. Whoo hoo. So Bleek's night off from soccer was spent fixing the garburator, he was thrilled with that. LOL.

Onto Hump Day Happines (aka things that make me smile....)


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