Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party extravaganza

Let the games begin. 

We had a nice relaxing morning.  Brad got to sleep in, actually sleep in, which never happens. He has one of those internal clocks whereby he just wakes up at 7 am.

So after a decadently lazy morning, we got going.  Zach really wanted to get together with his best friend Nathan today.  Thing is Zach is SOOOOOOOOOOOO shy.  He wanted so desperately to call his friend, but picking up the phone made him crazy nervous.  This is so hard for me to understand because I am not like that at all.  Neither is Logan.  Both of us can strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime and somehow find something to talk about with them.  Brad is very much like Zach, has a really hard time opening up to new people.

Anyways, I called for Zach.  Nathan and Zach decided to go play outside because the weather is just too great to pass up.  I may be being overprotective here, but I am still not comfortable sending the boys out for a bike ride by themselves yet.  So Brad and Z cycled over to Nathan's together and Brad was going to go along with them on the bike.

Logan and I stayed back and used some of his new neon sidewalk chalk to decorate the front steps.  Awesome.  Logan used ever color and made a really great rainbow-esque collage on the top step.  Then he had to move over to get to a blank bit of canvas as it were.  He sat right in his rainbow collage... We laughed so hard because now Logan had a rainbow all over his bottom. No sure what was so funny, but we laughed. Hard!

After quick change of clothes for Logan, we got ready to take him over to Rhys' party.  Party started at 3pm and I am going to pick him up at 6pm.   Going to have a nice romantic dinner with Bleeker tonight and just relax.

Tomorrow is Logan's party with **gasp** 14 kids. Oh. MY Gawd.  I can't remember if I wrote about this or not. Logan's buddy Rhys (the party he's at today) is at the same place as Logan's party tomorrow.  Since we were inviting all of the same kids, I didn't think that there was any way that the parents would want to attend both parties, back to back all the way in St. James. I invited the kinder kids, but since Logan's party is second, I figured that the parents would all go to the Saturday party and not want to go back for Logan's.  So I invited a bunch of kids from soccer, hockey and daycare hoping to ensure that we had enough to make up the 10 kids for the party.

Well, everyone accepted the invite.  WTF?  That never happens!!  Someone always inevitably has something up and can't make it.  So tomorrow is going to be quite the shindig!

That many kids would be a nightmare for Zach, he would be totally overwhelmed and want to go home.  Logan on the otherhand.... it's his idea of Nirvana.


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