Monday, June 27, 2011

Not an ideal start to the week.

I thought we were done with Zach's asthma. He hasn't had an attack for over 2 years.  All his puffers have expired and we didn't need to refill them.

The past few weeks I have been noticing him coughing at night. At first, nothing major, but progressing to a bad bronchitic type of cough.

Then I have also noticed periodically his lips changing color to a purply blue.   So we started giving him his puffers again.  His lips went back to red, so it clearly helped. 

But the cough got really bad this weekend and he had a fever last night, so enough is enough it's time to visit the doctor. I didn't want to go to the walk in for something like this, so I made an appointment today with his pediatrician.  Zach's cough is bad enough to keep hom home from school, so I took the day off to stay with him. Luckily I was able to make an appointment for him with his ped. today, so I don't have to miss another day.

Hoopefully we can get new prescriptions for him and get him feeling better soon. he doesn't complain during the day, but I know that the cough at night really bothers him, so I want to get that dealt with.

Fun fun fun.

It's going to be an odd week. I had to take today, will be at work tomorrow, then off Wednesday for Logan's Kindergarten graduation, back Thursday and then off Friday for July long.

Odd week!


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