Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A millimeter on a map.... marathon in heels.

Last night was Logan's graduation for the daycare. It was so cute, they all got their cap and gowns and  got to sing this "Oo gee choo gee " song. It's this odd tradition that Ashworth does.

Essentially, the kids point their fingers up and around and sing "to the sky oo gee chooo gee... to the left oo gee choo gee.." you get the idea.  It's completely odd, but the kids enjoy it.

Logan was asked what he wants to be and he said a "Soccer Player".  There was some good occupations noted by his classmates; Horse racer, Make up Artist....

Zach always has a hard time when the focus is on Logan, but it was Logan's day and I didn't want to take away from it.  So Zach had a good little pout on a lawn chair while Logan got his diploma.

My arrival at the BBQ last night was less than ideal. I had to work and was worried that I didn't have enough time to bus home and then meet Brad and the boys to go to the park, so I figured I would just bus to the park. 

My bus let me off at St.Vital Road, which on the map is like a millimeter from St. Vital Park.  On the grand scope of things, it really isn't far. However, I was in heels and it felt LOOONG. 

I breathed a sigh of relief when I got the park, only to realise that our BBQ was on the total other end of the park. Feet are very sore today.


HP said...

dude, you got off the bus at my house...you totally shouldda just popped in - I would've given you a ride.

Jodi said...

I didn't even think of that!!! It was a long frickin walk.


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