Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The kid is tough.

Well we went to the doctor.  The whole time waiting in the office, Zach was fine; just hanging out, playing his DS.  He wasn't complaining, he was talking to me like normal, laughing...etc.

When we get into the dr, I explained all the symptoms, coughing at night and the blue lips. Dr. said that if he had blue lips, he would likely have been in some breathing distress. I said he wasn't, there was no wheezing or shallow breathing etc.  So he had a listen to Zach's chest and his eyes went all wide.  He said "Zach are you having trouble breathing?" Zach said no.

Apparently, he was having an asthma attack right there in the dr's office.  With no symptoms.

Great.  Not that you want your child to be in distress, but some symptoms to give you any indication would be at least somewhat helpful. Zach's Dr put him on a boatload of asthma meds, two new puffers and some liquid meds as well.

After a few hours on the meds, I asked Zach if he was feeling better. He said it was the same.  I asked if he was still having trouble, he said "nope, I was fine before too".  The only thing he was able to tell me is that when he takes a big deep breath his stomach hurts.  Dr. said it's common for kids to complain of stomach pains when they are having asthma symptoms because the base of your lungs is close to your stomach.

So anyways, he's on the meds now, so hopefully the inflamation will go down.  He has a follow up appointment next week.

It's funny.  When things are all calm and normal, that's when Zach has trouble sitting still, focusing etc.  But when things get crazy, like his having an attack or when someone is hurt, he is a calm as anything. He's one of the best kids to have around in a "crisis", he is level headed, calm and everything.  I have a theory about this. I think that Zach's head is a swirling vorex of chaos at any given time. So when his surroundings are calm, it's unsettling for him.  However, when his external environment goes nuts, it's like the outside matches in the inside and he finds some sort of Zen like peace.

He's at home with my parents today.  Knowing now that I can't go by how Zach says he's feeling, I thought it prudent to keep him home another day to monitor him closely. It's the end of school, so he's not missing anything.

Sheesh. So relieved that we took him to the doctor and we now know Zach's warning signs are not the typical warning signs so we can be more cognizant of that.


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